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Distance sales agreement

Vinn Tourism Travel Agency

WARNING: In accordance with the relevant law, please read the following contract text by printing it out in 12 pt and bold font. Moreover; Every buyer who makes a purchase on our website is deemed to have read and accepted all the articles of our sales contract below without any further notice.



Title: Vinn Tourism Travel Agency (hereinafter referred to as "SELLER")

Address : Akdeniz University, Antalya Technopolis, Uluğ Bey R&D Building, 3/A, No:101, 07058 Konyaaltı, Antalya, Turkey

Mersis No: 0481009678800023

Phone : +90 532 111 84 66

E-Mail :


The buyer is the person who makes a purchase from the website of, which has the internet address of ......... Invoice and contact information is based on the address and contact information provided by the buyer. (hereinafter referred to as "BUYER")

By accepting this contract, the BUYER accepts in advance that if the subject of the contract approves the order, it will be under the obligation to pay the price of the order and the additional fees, if any, such as shipping fee and tax, and that it has been informed about this issue.


2.1. This Agreement regulates the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Distance Contracts regarding the sale and performance of the product, the qualities and sales price of which are specified below, and which the BUYER has ordered electronically through the website of the SELLER. .

2.2. The prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. Advertised prices are valid until updated or changed. If there is a product that has been announced for a limited time, the price announced will be valid until the end of the specified period.

2.3. The subject of this contract is the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on the Implementation Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts, regarding the sale and performance of the product, the qualities and sales price of which are specified below, which the BUYER has ordered electronically through the website belonging to the SELLER. It is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties regarding refund, withdrawal and cancellation.

2.4. BUYER, SELLER's name, title, full address, telephone and other contact information and all preliminary information about the service subject to sale, such as the basic characteristics of the service sold, the sales price including taxes, payment method, delivery conditions and costs, and all preliminary withdrawal information. the use of the right of withdrawal, how to use the right of withdrawal, how to convey their complaints and objections, that the SELLER has been informed about the performance and requirements of the service subject to the sale in accordance with the internet environment, that he/she confirms the preliminary information in electronic environment and then orders the service in accordance with the provisions of this contract.

2.5 The preliminary information on the website of the SELLER with the domain name and the invoice issued on the order given by the BUYER are the annexes and inseparable parts of this contract. The BUYER, the service recipient and the persons whose billing information has been issued may be the same and/or different persons. In case of different persons, the BUYER is solely responsible for all the information he has given. The information that the BUYER will provide to the SELLER must be complete and correct. It is the BUYER's responsibility to completely and accurately convey this information to the SELLER by the BUYER. The SELLER cannot be held responsible in any way for any damages that may arise if the said information is not correct, overlapping or incomplete.


3.1. The prices listed and listed on the website are the sales price. The SELLER may announce different prices for a period of time. In such a case, the announced prices will be valid until the end of the specified period.

3.2. The sales price of the goods or services subject to the contract, including all taxes, is shown below.

3.3. The BUYER shall make the purchase of the listed products by credit card by paying online. VAT is included in the price. On, product package programs can be purchased with a credit card via the Garanti Bank joint payment page, and in exceptional cases deemed appropriate by the SELLER, by contacting the company sales representatives, by money order/EFT. Orders that are not transferred within one week from the order date will be cancelled. The processing time of the orders is not the moment the order is placed, but the moment when the required collection is made or the transfer (EFT) reaches the bank accounts. In the event that the BUYER defaults on his credit card transactions, the cardholder will pay interest within the framework of the credit card agreement that the bank has made with him and will be liable to the bank. In this case, the relevant bank may take legal action; may claim the costs and attorney's fees to arise from the BUYER, and in any case, in the event that the BUYER defaults due to its debt, the BUYER agrees to pay the SELLER's loss and damage due to the delayed performance of the debt.

3.4. Upon the realization of the purchase, the invoice is sent to the e-mail address notified by the BUYER or together with the product. The shipping fee, which is the product shipping cost, will be paid by the BUYER.

4.1. This Agreement will be valid by ticking or clicking the "I have read and accept" option by the BUYER.

4.2. The BUYER accepts and declares on the website that he has read and received the preliminary information about the basic characteristics, sales price, payment method and additional costs that may arise, as well as the preliminary information about the delivery of the services and products subject to the contract, and gives the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment. The BUYER confirms the Preliminary Information in electronic form, accepts that he has obtained the address to be given to the BUYER by the SELLER, the basic features of the ordered products, the price of the products including taxes, payment and delivery information accurately and completely before the establishment of the distance sales contract, and commits.

4.3. The products subject to the contract will be sent via the contracted cargo company to the address specified by the BUYER, provided that it does not exceed the legal period of 30 days. The SELLER shall not be held responsible for the damages caused by the cargo company's failure to deliver the product.

4.4. The SELLER undertakes to deliver the product subject to the contract completely, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents, user manuals, if any, with the information and documents required for the job, and to perform the work in accordance with the standards, in accordance with the standards, in a sound manner, free from all kinds of defects. It accepts, declares and undertakes to act with caution and foresight, to maintain and increase the quality of service, to show the necessary care and attention during the performance of the work.

4.5. The SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes that if the fulfillment of the product subject to the order becomes impossible, if it cannot fulfill its contractual obligations, it will notify the consumer in writing within 3 days from the date of learning, and that the BUYER will return the price paid within 14 days.

4.6. The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will confirm this Agreement electronically for the delivery of the product subject to the contract, and in case the contract product price is not paid and/or canceled in the bank records for any reason, the SELLER's obligation to deliver the contractual product will end.

4.7. After the delivery of the product subject to the contract to the person and/or organization at the address indicated by the BUYER or the BUYER, as a result of the unfair use of the BUYER's credit card by unauthorized persons, if the price of the product subject to the contract is not paid to the SELLER by the relevant bank or financial institution. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will return it to the SELLER within 3 days.

4.8. The SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes to notify the BUYER if the product subject to the contract cannot be delivered in due time due to force majeure situations that develop beyond the will of the parties, are unpredictable and prevent and / or delay the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties.

4.9. Communication, marketing, communication via letter, e-mail, SMS, telephone call and other means of the SELLER's address, e-mail address, fixed and mobile phone lines and other contact information specified by the BUYER in the registration form on the site or updated by him afterwards, has the right to reach the BUYER for notification and other purposes. By accepting this contract, the BUYER accepts and declares that the SELLER may engage in the above-mentioned communication activities. The rights of the BUYER in the Personal Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy at are reserved.

4.10. The BUYER shall inspect the contracted commodity before receiving it; dented, broken, torn packaging, etc. damaged and defective goods / services will not be received from the cargo company. The received goods shall be deemed to be undamaged and intact.

4.11. The BUYER declares and undertakes that the personal and other information provided while subscribing to the website belonging to the SELLER are true, and that the SELLER will immediately, in cash and in advance, indemnify all losses incurred by the SELLER due to the untrueness of this information.

4.12. The BUYER accepts and undertakes from the beginning to comply with the provisions of the legal legislation and not to violate them when using the website of the SELLER. Otherwise, all legal and penal liabilities that may arise will be imposed on the BUYER completely and exclusively.

4.13. The BUYER may not use the SELLER's website in any way that disrupts public order, violates public morality, disturbs and harass others, for an unlawful purpose, infringing on the material and moral rights of others. In addition, the member cannot engage in activities (spam, virus, trojan horse, etc.) that prevent or make it difficult for others to use the services.

4.14. On the website of the SELLER, links to other websites and/or other content that are not under the control of the SELLER and/or owned and/or operated by other third parties may be provided. These links are provided for the purpose of facilitating orientation to the BUYER and do not support any website or the person who operates that site and do not constitute any guarantee for the information contained in the linked website.

4.15. The BUYER, who violates one or more of the articles listed in this contract, is personally responsible for this violation, criminally and legally, and will keep the SELLER free from the legal and penal consequences of these violations.


5.1. The BUYER has the right to withdraw within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of establishment of the contract. In case the packaging has been opened for disposable products or products that are prepared in line with the BUYER's request or clearly personal needs and that are not suitable for return, it is not possible to return them in accordance with the Regulation. The BUYER may use its right of withdrawal provided that the SELLER is notified in writing and may reject the goods. The costs arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belong to the BUYER. By accepting this contract, the BUYER accepts in advance that he has been informed about the right of withdrawal. The notice of withdrawal will be made to the address specified in article 2 of this contract, via e-mail or letter.

5.2. In cases where the BUYER uses his right of withdrawal or the service subject to the order cannot be provided for various reasons or in cases where a refund is decided to be made to the BUYER by the decisions of the Arbitration Committee, if the shopping is made with a credit card and in installments, the procedure for returning to the credit card is as follows:

If the BUYER has purchased the service in installments, the Bank that issued the credit card he used makes the repayment to the BUYER in installments in the same way. The installment amounts paid by the BUYER until the cancellation of the sale, if the refund date and the card's account cut-off dates do not coincide, one (1) refund will be reflected on the card each month, and the BUYER will pay the installments before the refund, after the end of the installments of the sale, for another month equal to the number of installments he has paid before the return. receivables and will be deducted from existing debts. In the event of the return of goods and services purchased with a card, the SELLER cannot make a cash payment to the BUYER in accordance with the contract it has made with the Bank. In case of a refund, the SELLER will make the refund via the relevant software, and since the SELLER is obliged to pay the relevant amount to the Bank in cash or on credit, the BUYER cannot be paid in cash in accordance with the procedure we have explained above. The refund to the credit card will be made by the Bank within the framework of the above procedure, after the SELLER pays the amount to the Bank at once. The BUYER undertakes that he has read and accepted this procedure.

5.3. In case the payment is made by credit card or a similar payment card, the BUYER may request the cancellation of the payment transaction on the grounds that the card was used against his will and illegally. In this case, the card issuer returns the payment amount to the BUYER within 10 days from the notification of the objection.


6.1. In the event that the parties fail to fulfill their obligations under this contract from their resources, the provisions of the Debtor's Default in Articles 106-108 of the Code of Obligations shall apply. In cases of default, if any party fails to fulfill its obligations without a justifiable reason, the other party will give the non-performing party a period of seven (7) days for the performance of the said act. If it is fulfilled within this period, the party that does not fulfill its performance will be deemed to be in default and the creditor has the right to demand the termination of the contract and the refund of the price by demanding the performance of the performance. Pursuant to the last paragraph of Article 16 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, the SELLER undertakes to notify the BUYER in writing within 3 days from the date of learning, if the SELLER cannot fulfill its contractual obligations, claiming that the fulfillment of the service subject to the order has become impossible. In this case, the SELLER has the right to terminate the contract immediately and undertakes to return the service fee purchased by the BUYER and all documents that put him under debt, if any, within 14 days. In such a case, the BUYER accepts and undertakes that he/she cannot demand any additional material and non-pecuniary damage from the SELLER.

6.2. If the SELLER cannot perform the contracted service within the contractual period due to force majeure that may prevent the SELLER from fulfilling its obligation or extraordinary events such as weather conditions, interruption of transportation, fire, earthquake, flood that may prevent the provision of the service, the BUYER has no responsibility in such cases, may use one of the rights to cancel the service or postpone it until the situation preventing the performance of the service disappears.


7.1. The information provided by the BUYER to the SELLER in order to make payment with the information specified in this Agreement will not be shared by the SELLER with other third parties, except for the contracted cargo company. If the SELLER has to disclose such information within the framework of administrative or legal obligations, the BUYER cannot hold the SELLER responsible. The SELLER shall process the personal data of the BUYER, which is a party to the Contract, in accordance with the essential and secondary obligations arising from the Law no. declares that it will ensure data security in order to ensure that it is kept with The SELLER will also delete, destroy or anonymize the data whose purpose of processing is eliminated, by complying with the periods stipulated in other laws. By approving this Agreement, the BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that he has been informed by the SELLER regarding the processing of personal data in accordance with the Law No. 6698.


8.1. Turkey/Antalya shall be the competent judicial authorities in all kinds of disputes that may arise from the interpretation and implementation of this contract. Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.


9.1. When the BUYER makes the payment for the order placed on the Site, it is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract. The SELLER is obliged to make the necessary software arrangements to obtain confirmation that this contract has been read and accepted by the BUYER on the site before the order is fulfilled.