VinnHotel Enterprise Licences

VinnHotel software is offered with 3 license types. You can select the appropriate license type for your facility based on the amount of room and user access. All license types have all modules and features. You can see our product specification in the product features tab below. You can also find more detailed user questions and answers on our website
Attribute nameAttribute value
Enterprise Licence Types
EnterpriseStandart Licence,  Professional Licence,  Premium Licence
RealTime Features
RealTime transactionsAll transactions between the enterprise and clients are real-time.
RealTime & Remote managementFacility management can be done from a remote office thanks to the RealTime feature
RealTime & Remote reservations and salesSales and reservation transactions can be managed live and instantly with the realtime reservation module installed at the remote office or facility. Remote sales offices can use the software as well as on-site users. In this way, it can see the current status of the facility live and perform all transactions live. Since the current status of the facility can be viewed and processed live, dependency on other communication tools is eliminated. Efficiency and processing speed increase.
System Requariments
Operation systemWindows 10 / Windows 11 (32 or 64 bit)
DatabaseMicrosoft SQL Server Express
General Features
InstallationSetup.exe (Downloadable) - Free remote installation support* (Requires Teamviewer. Includes program installation on computer)
SettingsUser-friendly, fast, easy and customizable settings
UpdateFree and automatic
Desktop ApplicationIt is a desktop application. It is not a web page.
Data ProtectionKVKK and GDPR
Definable amount of roomUp to 11 rooms (Standart Licence), Up to 59 rooms (Professional Licence), Unlimited rooms (Premium Licence)
Definable client access license (CAL) Standart Licence (Max. +2 CAL's), Professional Licence (Max. +4 CAL's), Premium Licence (Unlimited CAL's)
Main Screen and Panels
Main display panelMain panel
RealTime daily room status panelReal Time daily room status display: Transaction lock, reservation, definit sale, cancellation, check-in & check-out, clean & dirty, out of services, not for sale status are displayed in Real Time
Modules panelInteractive RealTime hotel management graphic screen, Guest expense module, Guest search & registration module, Reservation search module, Cash module, Current account module, Personnel management module, Housekeeping - demand - fault module, Smart identity notification module, Finance, invoice and tax notification module,
Chat panelLive chat between enterprise and client users
Modules - Key features
Hotel management graphic screenInteractive and RealTime graphical display. It is a live and real-time management module with enhanced graphic display visualization. It shows all the rooms in the facility, in the selected date range, past, future and current, individual and group reservations, sales, check-in/out, room change and cancellation status, live and in real time. Thanks to the room boxes, all operations are carried out in seconds with a single click. Thanks to the filters, room types and prices, rooms and prices according to accommodation types are displayed. Closed for sale, out of service, clean/dirty room statuses can be tracked and edited. Output and reports can be taken from the screen. Information such as daily, weekly and monthly reservations and occupancy rates can be seen live and in real time.
Guest expense module Guest expenses at the spending points are automatically transferred to your guest's account
Guest search & registration moduleYou can enter a guest record, set a blacklist or VIP, create requests, complaints and notes, and view your old records.
Reservation search moduleYou can see past and future reservations, sales, check-in/check-out and cancellations, the reason for the cancellation, the users and warning messages according to various query criteria
Cash moduleIt is a module where you can monitor the daily cash flow of your facility, process the expenditures and incoming payments, and provide transfer between users. Movement records of all cash transactions made in the cash register module are kept and only administrators can delete.
Current account moduleIt is the module opened for the agency, company or guests that your facility has a contract with and where the current accounts of these customers are kept.
Personnel management moduleIt is an HR module where you can enter the data of your personnel from their employment to the department and working hours, and open a personnel card.
Housekeeping - demand - fault moduleIt is a module used especially by the front office, inspecting the clean/dirty conditions of your facility and providing coordinated work with the housekeeping department. It also enables different departments such as technical service and housekeeping to work in a coordinated manner.
Smart identity notification module With the smart and free identity notification module, you can create an identity notification file with a single click whenever you want, without the need for a second registration.
Finance, invoice and tax notification moduleFinance, invoice and tax notification module
Smart currency converter moduleWith the VinnHotel Smart currency converter module, you can work instantly with current and different currencies in all your transactions. You can set the Central Bank rates as well as your own exchange rates. Instant exchange rates are updated automatically or manually from the Central Bank. (The default currency is set in "General settings")
Reminder moduleWith this module, you can create single or continuous alert situations for both your staff and guests at any time.
System messages moduleIt is the module where you can see the notifications sent by the system.
Report and statistics moduleIt is the module where you can get visual and 3d-featured reports according to various situations.
General definitions moduleIt is the module where you can define your facility in writing and visually with all its features.
Room and price description moduleWith this module, you can create your rooms, define your prices in real time and instantly, and define discounts and increases for all sales channels according to certain criteria.
User identification moduleWith this module, you can create new users and make module access and authorizations for users.
General settings moduleWith this module, you can set the graphic display settings, define your reservation rules, determine and manage your communication methods such as sms and e-mail.
Back-up moduleWith this module, you can perform your automatic backup settings and manage your backups.
Chat moduleUser-to-user chat module
RealTime messages modulRealTime messages modul
Small Tools
Weather forecastWeather of all cities and settlements in the world is displayed live
World timeAll world times are displayed in UTC±00:00.
CalculatorAdvanced calculator
Background themeBackground theme can be customized with available theme options
Additional Features
Adding roomRoom quantity can be purchased according to license type
Adding virtual roomYou can make reservation transactions on virtual rooms until you complete the blocking process.
Adding client access licenses (CALs)Client access licenses (CALs) can be purchased according to license type
Integration into 3rd party accounting softwaresIntegration with 3rd party accounting software can be purchased.
Email quoteEmail quota can be purchased
Sms quoteSms quota can be purchased
Cloud backup Cloud backup is available for purchase
Additional support packagesRemote or On-site support package available for purchase
Support & Services
DocumentationYou can find the Documentation in the "VinnHotel Support Forums".
Support ForumsIn the "VinnHotel Support Forums" you can also ask the community questions and see the answers. Apart from that, you can take advantage of remote support or on-site support options for training or support.
Remote SupportIncludes installation of VinnHotel software, customization of Enterprise modules for the facility, settings and training. Requires TeamViewer.
On-site SupportIncludes installation of VinnHotel software, customization of Enterprise modules for the facility, settings and training.
Enterprise Standart Licence
VinnHotel Enterprise Standart Licence
Enterprise Professional Licence.001.png
VinnHotel Enterprise Professional Licence
Enterprise Premium Licence.001.png
VinnHotel Enterprise Premium Licence